How to Get More YouTube Views?

YouTube Marketing is an indispensable part of any social media marketing strategy. Today almost every business has adopted the idea of video marketing on YouTube and is working for the same. However just creating and uploading a video isn’t enough. You must publicize it well so that you gain maximum exposure to your target audience. The exposure achieved can be measured in terms of YouTube views. Now the harder part of the question is: How to get more YouTube views. There are several strategies that can be undertaken to get YouTube views. Some of them are given below:

1. Pre-launch

Before uploading your video on YouTube edit your video so that it includes all items in this list:

a. Cut off any long pauses or white spaces from the video.
b. Add a delightful music or voice over.
c. Include text information- namely website address, twitter handle etc.
d. Create credits or bloopers
e. Call to action- subscription request.

Now your video is ready for upload.

2. Providing accurate descriptions and titles

You must provide clear and concise description and titles. Do utilize the following:

a. Name your video file appropriately before uploading
b. Give your video a title that appeals to the audience. The ideal title is short, engaging and always to the point. Raise the curiosity of your audience but do not give everything away
c. Give a thorough description of the video. Write an engaging and accurate description for the video pointing out everything that a person would see in the video. The length of the description should be 2-3 paragraphs
d. Use Perfect Tags. Pick the best suited tags relevant to your video.

Following above steps will make sure that your video does not get lost in the crowd. It will improve the video ranking and make it easy to find.

3. Final touches

After you have uploaded your video, there is a still long way down the road. Edit your video with these final touches:

a. Use annotations in your video. You can link one video to another, or link your video to channels or playlists.
b. Try to get more and more subscribers.
c. Add your video to existing relevant playlists or create new ones.

4. Sharing Sharing Sharing
Share your video, but wisely.

a. Share your video as much as you can immediately after posting. The earlier you share, more are the chances for it to go viral.
b. Post your video on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites.
c. Post an article or teaser about the video in blogs.
d. Email the video link to friends and colleagues.
e. Connect with bloggers to guest post about your video
f. Embed the video on your website
g. Encourage more sharing by allowing comments, video responses etc.

These steps will ensure that you have properly networked your video. If you interested in a more automate way, you may give Videos Synd Alpha Youtube marketing tool a try, as it can easily post your hundred of thousand videos and interlink those video to quickly rank and then get lots of traffics easily. Read the article The Videos Synd Alpha Review – How it can ease your life?

5. Commercial options

If you are really desperate to get YouTube views you can follow non-conventional commercial options as well. This includes:

a. YouTube view boosting tools
b. YouTube bots and software
c. Exchange and referral programs
d. Buying YouTube views.

The market is very competitive today and everyone is trying their best to get a share. So do your best and your efforts will surely bear fruits.

Wax, Shave or Cream the Hair Away

With the weather getting warmer, more skin is being exposed and for you that could mean more shaving, waxing and other forms of hair removal. Before taking on the hair removing challenge, take a look at the options.


Disposable razor- Inexpensive and comes in packs of 3 to 20+. There bad side is disposable razors that are the plain blades with no moving head can miss the areas around your ankles, knees and armpits. Some disposable razors are quite fancy with moveable comfortable heads with cushion in between the blades. Others have moisture strips. Often times this type of razor comes in a package of one and you have the option of buying replacement razor heads. If you prefer a electronic trimmer, you may have a look at this site: .

Electric Razor- Can cost around $20.00 and up. Some now have the option to have cream/gel dispense out of the razor. Personal experience for me has been the razor not giving a good enough shave, but it may work better for you.

Cream/Lotion/Depilatory- I decided to try the cream hair remover in hopes of painless, longer lasting results and no nicks from shaving and or wax bumps. I didn’t have any of this but I did have some hair on my legs still. Some was removed while other areas didn’t seem to work on at all. The scent of the one I used smelled like rotten eggs. Depends on which cream/get product you use, some such as for facial hair does offer soothing lotion for after.

Razorless shave cream- You apply the cream and leave on your legs for 5-8 minutes. Do not allow the cream to dry on your skin. Then with a razor looking tool you scrap away the cream with the hair. I haven’t tried this method.

Sugaring- A sticky paste is applied to the area you want to remove hair. Then a strip is placed over the paste and then you pull the strip to remove the hair with the paste. Can be done at home or in a salon.
Waxing can be done either in the comfort of your home or done by professionals at the salon. There are 3 common types. Many products claim to leave you hairless for 6-8 weeks. You need to continue waxing the area until it’s hair free.

Microwave wax- The idea of putting hair removal wax in my microwave when I use it for food grossed me out. It may not for you or perhaps you have a second microwave. Carefully you microwave the wax according to the directions. Microwaves vary so keep an eye on the wax to ensure it won’t bubble over and or explode. Using oven mitts to remove the hot wax, take the tool given and put the wax on the area you want to remove hair from. Then you apply a strip. Remove the strip away from the hair growth direction. Don’t forget to hold the skin tight as you pull away the strip.

Gel wax- Some gel waxes require you to heat up the gel in your hands. I tried a gel wand hair remover and it hurt when I applied it to my skin. I had applied the strip and made sure the gel and strip had good contact. I pulled the strip as instructed but literally no hair was removed for me. I tried again another day but had no luck with this form of waxing.

Wax Strips- I’ve had some good experiences with this type of waxing. You warm up the wax between your hands. Since the wax in already on the strip, there isn’t much mess. You can cut to shape the strips. Don’t be surprised if your results don’t last 6-8 weeks. After soothing azelene with Vitamin E an be applied to remove left over wax reside. Many products include the azelene product with the kit.

Permanent hair removal may be an option to look at if you prefer not to do hair removal ever now and then. Laser air removal is an option. Keep in mind it can take many treatments to see results and costing in the thousands. There are hair removal kits for home use that claim to help with permanent hair removal. Before spending hundreds of dollars it’s a good idea to talk to a professional for their opinion how they feel it would work for you.

Choosing a New Garage Door

Who knew there were so many garage door options? From a basic stock door with no windows to a custom door with all sorts of detail, you’ll need to wade through the options to find your next garage door.


The prices is usually the starting point when choosing something new for the home. Of course look and quality is important too, but you don’t want to go over budget. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on the door. A single garage door can start at a few hundred dollars and goes up from there.

Don’t forget to figure in the cost of installation. You can install a garage door yourself, but it is a big DIY project so you might want to leave it to the professionals. If you’re having it installed get quotes from several garage door installers to get an idea of how much the installation costs. (if you want to find a reliable and bargin garage door seller, we would guide you at this local business vendor)


Windows or No Windows

One of the big decisions on the look of a garage door is whether or not to get window. The windows are often decorative, but they do let more light into the garage. We went without windows to save money, but the garage is rather dark even during the day when the garage door is closed.

Privacy is another issue. If you have windows in your garage door, anyone can easily look right in to see what you have. If your garage has other windows in it, the peepers already have a way to look in so adding windows to the garage door doesn’t really make a difference.


Something you might not think about is what is inside the garage door. A cheap garage door may be just a single-layer construction, which is lightweight but without much insulating power. Higher end doors have layers of insulation inside. We chose a garage door with insulation because our son’s room is right above the garage and gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We decided the insulation was worth it to help control the garage temperature, which would in turn help control his bedroom temperature.


A basic garage door just has a vinyl looking appearance to it. The finish is nothing fancy, but you may have the option of different colors. If you want to go more high-end, you can get garage doors that look like a wood finish. You can get an actual wood garage door as well. Consider the look of the rest of the house when choosing the finish. If you have a high-end home with lots of detailing, a basic white garage door will look out of place.


The little details can add a lot to the appearance of a garage door. A basic door doesn’t have a lot of extra detailing to it. A higher end door might have faux hinges or handles that make it look like a big barn type door. Others have detailing in the panels, which might be raised. Compare the look of the different door details and the added cost of those details.

Peer 2 Peer Lending Can Help You Finance Projects


People should learn more about peer to peer (P2P) lending. It is very important that you work hard in order to learn how P2P lending can finance different projects. The best projects that are tied to P2P lending are well described.

People should not be afraid to take risks. You need to be able to protect different aspects of your overall financial health, but you should also have a right to make sure that you can live your dreams. Traditional banks do not make it easy for you to live your dreams. Lending Club can give you the microloan that you are looking for you to launch a startup.

Low interest rates can be tied to peer to peer loans. There are groups that can help you find the best peer to peer lending firm for your company. A company owner who wants to launch a second asphalt company may want to use a firm like Prosper in order to live out some of their dreams.

Common people can benefit from people to peer lending. You want to be able to set up different sources of funding in order to make sure people can get hired and remain active in the workforce. Warehouse general labor and the development of the crates that they lift are very important to so many different people. The best startups are going to be tied to services that people need.

Do you want to give your wife the wedding of her dreams? Many companies market the wedding loans that they can give out on a regular basis. There is a very quick approval process out there. Global barriers are going to be broken down because of the work that people do in launching peer to per lending projects. The detailed information that a borrower may have to provide can lend a certain amount of credibility.

People that hate the complex conversations that you can have with a banking officer can make a big difference. The complex conversations that you can have with traditional lenders can be quite intimidating. Peer to peer lending can be quite calming on the other hand.

Some people are tired of asking their friends and family for money. Do you need more money to fix that roof? You may want to consider peer to peer lending instead of having to ask people close to you to bail you out.

Are there a lot of different ways to limit loan losses? Business people know that you have to pay attention to different losses on top of a balance sheet. Clean energy projects can definitely be funded with these loans. Can you people building a bunch of windmills if they are actually unable to get a loan? I have my doubts.

Mansions are not likely to be saved with peer to peer lending, but a middle class homeowner can definitely put a rail on their home with one of these loans. A lender has to be honest during the process. Honesty can lead to good results and future opportunities.

Obtaining the New Dream: Healthy Finances!


In a time when jobs are at a premium, housing market has plummet and gas prices, money is something that we all should keep our watchful eyes on. Keeping your bank accounts and bills in good standing can be accomplished with a simple tool that almost every computer already has: a spreadsheet.

How to use the spreadsheet

Using the mentioned spreadsheet (download to your own computer), start with your current bank account balance for simplicity. From that point on, one can simply put in their normal expenses such as credit card & insurance which does not change from month to month in addition to bills that fluctuate. Most bills allow for you to see the average on your paper statements or website. When entering in this information, you can a pretty simple visual of where all your money is going.

This spreadsheet also allows for an allowance. Not the type that you would pass on to a child but for your own bank account to use however you would like. It could be something as small as $25 but something that gives you the freedom to buy a DVD, video game or something else that you would not budget for and would not need to budget for.

The break in the spreadsheet is to represent pay periods. In my case, I get paid twice a month and some bills are due during the first paycheck and others the second. If you use the spreadsheet, cut & paste bills in a way that works for you based on the various due dates.

After plugging in all your information, this should help you see where you are stand with money each pay period and make the adjustments necessary to improve your bank account(s) and save money for that next big purchase.

In the long run, your family will thank you, your bank accounts will love you and you will be worried free when it comes to money issues should one occur out of the blue.

Simple solutions that will help improve your finances in no time without having to have a financial advisor.

President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act Will Help Me Quit Smoking


I’m not proud of being a smoker. But, the fact is here in n my Early 40’s, I need to quit smoking and I know it. Working indoors in a retail stocking position with weak air conditioning under this hot Louisiana sun shows me more daily, how limiting of an addiction it is. It’s a hard addiction and not one easily explained.

If the Supreme Court recognizes the constitutionality of national health care, folks who truly need help – like me – will overcome a major weakness. I’m not the only one. As discussed on the New Yorker, this coming March 26, 2012 will be a day for us all to learn if we are intent on taking care of one another or not. I’m the same as many other Americans right now. I’m in need of medical treatments I’ve avoided due to lack of resources to pay for said care.

The bill signed by President Obama will be the help I need to quit smoking. Of course, I understand why others might wish to look down on me for being a smoker. It’s easy to judge and I’m obviously offering myself to be subject to it. Should any of us have ever become smokers? No, of course not. Are we the sole source of blame for having become smokers? Yes…and no.

At the very least, someone was actively selling them somewhere. Getting addicted to smoking tobacco wrapped up in pretty white paper – actually partially-igniting it and inhaling the smoke into our lungs – was a habit we had to work ourselves into. Our bodies even first rejected it. We made ourselves smoke. I’m only one of millions of tobacco-addicted people needing to quit a tough addiction we’ve worked so hard for. To come away from such an addiction will require help. The right way is with medical help. As an American in my income bracket, frankly, I can’t get the help I’m really going to need.

Being tax-funded, everybody should only need to contribute a little bit of what it would costs.

Since we’re all in, the overall costs will be much less to bear. I’ll be contributing my share too. If such a health system actually exists, why shouldn’t we all use it? We’ll certainly all be paying for it.

Is there anything scary about the Affordable Health Care Act?

While a public health care system could be worth having if operated correctly – the key word here is “correctly.” As a nation we need to install safeguards to insure prevention of any sources of public funding of health care from being “borrowed against” for bureaucratic vote-buying “projects.” Seeing as how important it will be to all Americans, we need to operate according to the lessons of Social Security. To be clear, the only danger we have with such a plan, lies in those running it.

The president’s Affordable Health care Act can prove to be what we all need for our all-too-human health care needs. If such a health care system will help me, what will they be able to do for you? Still, we must also remember to safeguard it in every way possible from corruption and greed of future politicians. It will work if we just do it right.

more info you can check the video below:

Read These Top 4 Tips to Make Your Business Event Successful


Many businesses and organizations often find it necessary to host business events in London for various such as to impress associates and clients, highlight new products or services, and celebrate certain milestones achieved by the organization. Typical business events range from simple luncheons in office settings, to grandiose balls hosted in exclusive locations. Anything is possible depending on how much money a company/organization is willing to spend on such a function. Because such functions are commonplace in London, numerous event-planning companies ply their trade in city, which is the capital city of the UK. With so many service providers to choose from, choosing the right provider is not always easy. With that in mind, here are five tips that are likely to prove useful for companies in search of such services for business events in the city:

1.Budget Preparation

Prepare a comprehensive budget for the event in consultation with both the event planner and catering company. The event planner should outline the services that the caterer should deliver, and at what cost. Ideally, the catering company should deliver on all its obligations at the agreed budget without failure.

2.Menu Specifications

Specify the menu for the event to the caterer well in advance. The menu normally goes hand in hand with the theme of the occasion. As such, the event planner should outline the preferable cuisine for the function guided by the theme and expected guests. An ideal catering service should be able to deliver anything from simple drinks and sandwiches to lavish five course banquets depending on the scope of the event.

3.Event Services

An ideal company that does catering for events should provide all-inclusive services, so ask the event planner about the range of services offered by a service provider. Companies that bundle services such as catering equipment, meal preparation, drinks and cocktails, table settings and decorations, and guest serving are highly preferable over those that do not. Inclusive catering services are usually more affordable and efficient than separate services.

4.Location and Delivery

It is best to choose a catering service provider that is near to the venue of an event. This may seem trivial, but there are always the unpredictable factors. For instance, extra guests may arrive at the event prompting the need for more food, drinks, and catering equipment, or inclement weather or accidents may cause traffic snarl-ups resulting in late delivery.

The four points above clearly highlight the importance of proper planning for catering services. Some of the benefits of hiring catering providers for company events include the following:

• Ability to impress business associates and clients with great event organization.

• Invited guests and company staff can feast on a wide array of cuisines and canapés.

• All-inclusive catering services are easy to order for, and quite affordable to procure.

• Companies can avoid the hassles and expenses of preparing huge meals and finding the equipment and staff to serve invited guests.

Most organizations aim to hold outstanding business events. One of the ways of achieving this is by hiring a company that does great catering for events. Excellent catering services are often a key component of successful business events in London.

Simple Ways to Include Your Young Child in Gardening Activities

Happy mother with her children gardening.  [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

Many of us take great pride in our yards and gardens. Children are always eager to help and are capable of doing so without being a distraction or burden, as long as you are patient. Here are five ways in which your darlings can help you outside and develop a love for nature.

1. Planting seeds. Take your child shopping in the early spring to pick out some seed packets. Get some potting soil and small containers in which to start the seeds. Put some potting soil into a smaller bucket. Have your child use a spoon to fill the containers about 2/3 of the way with potting soil. Show him how to put one seed into each container and gently push it down. Cover the seed with a little more soil and gently water it with a small watering can.

As long as nights are still cool, be sure to keep the plants indoors near a sunny window.

If you are planting seeds directly in the ground, place them where you want them and allow your child to push them into the ground and gently cover them.

Daily check the seeds for signs of growing. Show your child how to check the dirt for moisture and to then water accordingly.

2. Growing vegetables. Take your child to a nursery and look at the different vegetable plants that are available. Let her pick out a couple of her favorites, such as green beans, peas, tomatoes, or peppers. When you get home, have her help you plant them. Beans and peas work well in the ground; tomatoes and peppers work well in containers.

Be sure to allow your child to help fill the containers with potting soil, or to help dig the holes in the ground.

Put your child in charge of checking and watering the plants on a daily basis with her own watering can.

When it is time to harvest the vegetables, show your child how to gently pick them from the stem. Allow her to clean them when you take them inside, and to help prepare them for dinner.

She is more likely to want to eat the vegetables that she has helped to grow by herself.

3. Planting flowers. Allow your child to pick out some of her favorite flowers at your local nursery. Give him his own spot in a flowerbed. Let him lay out the flowers where he thinks they should go. Help him to dig the holes, and then let him put the plants in the holes. Help him pack the soil around them, then let him use his own watering can to water them.

Or allow him to create his own container garden. Give him his own pot and have him fill it about 2/3 of the way with some potting soil. Let him arrange the flowers any way that he sees fit. Help him to finish filling and pack more potting soil around the plants. Again, let him water and care for his very own pot.

4. Weeding. Take your child outside while you are weeding the flowerbeds. She can help you in two different ways. You can point out the weeds, then loosen the soil around them and let her pull them. Or she can be in charge of a small bucket, which you fill with weeds, then she empties into a yard waste bag or a compost pile. Do a combination of the two to maintain her interest.

5. Planting bulbs. Design your bulb garden in the way that you would like to have it look. Lay out your bulbs where you want them. You can use the bulb planter to dig the holes to the correct depths. Then he can put the bulbs in the holes and cover them with dirt.

As you are performing these tasks, teach your child the names of the tools and the plants. More importantly, just enjoy this special one-on-one time together.

Bungee Cord Your Gate to Keep it Closed


Oh no! The gate latch isn’t locking. Did it fall out of the wood pole or perhaps the metal latch broke off or became disfigured? Maybe the latch isn’t the problem but the gate just isn’t pulling closed or is leaving a gap. No matter what the problem, you don’t have to run out and buy a new latch or even a new gate to fix the latch or the gap. There’s a quick, simple solution to restore it to functional and tide you over until you get ready to fix the problem. You can consult local company or services to get your broken gate repair or you may not have a problem but would like extra locking support. The answer is a bungee cord.

A bungee cord will wrap around your fence post and hook in place. You can adjust the tightness of the bungee cord to match the gate. Hook the ends of the bungee cord in the rungs of a wire fence or hook the ends onto each other. Pull the bungee cord past two fence poles before hooking it off. The bungee cord will help close the gap and keep the gate shut. A loose hooked bungee cord may be easier to unhook and may allow the gate to gap if there already is a gap. A bungee cord may be hard to see at night and deter trespassers looking for less of an obstacle. Since you can position the bungee cord where you want it, you can place it near the bottom of the gate offering confusion to would be trespassers who are expecting to find the latch much higher.

You can also give the bungee cord a padlock for added security. Hook the bungee cord in place and attach a padlock around the cords where the opposite sides of the cord meet. Or padlock the cord in place just below the hooks. You don’t want to padlock the hooks themselves. The padlock will slide off. You can padlock the cords to the fence. Feel free to use as many padlocks as necessary but one to two padlocks should be sufficient. You might choose to padlock each opposite cord to the fence. For this you would need two padlocks. Also you can use more than one bungee cord for added strength and security. You might for instance, position one bungee cord near the bottom of the gate and one about midway or near the top. A bungee cord is a simple but effective tool to latch your gate.

Qualities of a Successful Business Owner


BusinessKnowHow reports that half of all new businesses fail within five years. The owner is the most important factor in determining the success of a small business. A business owner must have several specific qualities to give the best chance of success for the business.


Self-confidence is probably the single most important character trait for a successful business owner. It allows you to adhere to your goals to achieve the results you desire. A self-confident business owner can take personal responsibility for a setback instead of placing the blame on external factors such as the economy, the weather or bad luck. This type of outlook allows owners to focus on what they can change and learn from both good and bad experiences. Confidence also allows a business owner to set higher goals with each success without fear of failure.


Ambition provides a business owner with the energy needed to overcome the obstacles that inevitably occur when starting a new business. It also allows business owners to retain their vision of the business during hard times. Ambition provides the business owner with the energy needed to evaluate a problem objectively.


Business owners need discipline to emphasize quality in the products and services they provide. This trait causes business owners to place their personal seal of approval on the business. Business owners should spend about 80 percent of their time on running the business, according to BusinessKnowHow.


Courage in the context of running a business means that you are willing to take risks that other business owners are unwilling to take. Risk provides a greater opportunity for success and failure. A courageous business owner can fail repeatedly without becoming discouraged.


Business leadership is the ability to make decisions that sometimes contradict popular opinion. A good business leader can solicit opinions from subordinates and then make the final decision. Leadership allows the business owner to inspire subordinates to perform instead of always delegating.


The ability to think creatively is essential for a successful business. Business creativity involves the ability to improvise when needed, still maintaining a system of controls. All businesses must have a business plan, although the plan might change at some point. A creative business owner can modify his existing business plan to accommodate unexpected changes, while still fulfilling the vision of the business.